The aim of the book is to encourage the reader to step out in faith to pray for people to be healed in the name of Jesus. It does so by looking at four chapters of the New Testament.

Part I of the book focuses on the healing miracles of Jesus in Matthew 8 and 9 and part II looks at Peter and John healing a lame beggar in Acts 3 and 4.

Throughout the book, personal anecdotes and colourful illustrations ensure that the truth of God’s word is clearly communicated. The reader is inspired to get going, and a robust biblical framework encourages them to keep going.

The book recognises the gap between a biblical expectation and many people’s current experience. It makes the point however, that faith thrives in this gap and works to bring our experience into line with God’s unchangeable word.

Each chapter of the book therefore, focuses on a different aspect of God’s healing power in order to stimulate and increase faith.

Each chapter ends with a few questions for personal consideration or group discussion.