A few minor corrections


I’ve had some great feedback from the book so far. One or two people have spotted the odd mistake though so I think I will tweak one or two things in the next edition. For those with the original version here are the changes I have made so far (as you will see they are not massive):

1) Two Exclamation marks

Page 111 Not sure why the Spurgeon  quote has two exclamation marks “To the glory of God who made it!!” Think I’ll remove one.

2) Double new line

Page 35 This was the first thing I noticed when I flicked through: a double space between two paragraphs. It only needs one.

3) Duplicate title

Page 11 and page 31 I obviously liked the phrase “Living in the gap” a bit too much as I used it twice as subheadings. I changed page 11 to “Experience and Expectation”.

4) Both got touched

The subtitle “both got touched” on page 73 is not quite right. While Jesus did take the dead girl by the hand, the women reached out and touched Jesus herself. Maybe “Both touched Jesus” is better? Not sure.

5) no Indent

Page 34 The “Isaiah wrote….” paragraph should not be indented as it is the first paragraph after  quote.

6) Wrong scripture reference

These two are perhaps the most significant errors as they are just plain wrong:

Page 44 Genesis 15:20 should be  Genesis 50:20

Page 55 1 Peter 2:34 should be 2:24


Heading on page 81 is one line too far down so moved it up.

8) References to “reaching for fruit” in main body of book

The title used to be “Reaching for Fruit in Supernatural Healing” and although the preface does talk about that, its a little odd that the phrase is used a few times in the main body of the book. Ie Page 48  “Reach out for fruit in Supernatural healing” could be changed to “reach out in faith for…” in order to remove dependency on having read the reface.

Swap other references to “fruit” ie page 150 “reached out again in faith….”

I might not bother though unless I get a lot of feedback that I should. I’ve got the follow up book to write after a shorter one on prayer.



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