Learning by doing

A short quote from the chapter on “Authority for Healing”:

Imagine how far you would get if you tried to learn to drive just by reading the theory. You might study the mechanics of the engine and the chemistry of the petrol. You might learn the Highway Code inside out and how many millimetres to put the accelerator down when going 30mph up a 10% incline in third gear, but how well would you drive when getting into the car for the first time? In all probability, not very successfully. To get anywhere safely, another learning process needs to kick in as you put into practice what you know in theory.

I believe the same is true of biblical truth in general and supernatural healing in particular. We should not just be hearers of God’s word, but doers. The Bible is to be lived not just studied. It cannot be correctly analysed in isolation from the faithful and persistent practice of what it actually says.

In the West, we currently have a culture of educating people in theory for years before they get their hands dirty with practice. This wasn’t always the case. In the past, vocational training and apprenticeships placed much more emphasis on learning while doing, usually alongside an expert. They would not show you how to make a barrel by drawing on a whiteboard, but would show you how to make a barrel by making a barrel. Now, of course, things have moved on. Many skills like building jet engines are highly technical and require lots of theory. I’m still struck, however, by the way Jesus taught his disciples; it was very practical.



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